Monday, July 23, 2007

For My Dear Friends with Cancer

In the past year we have had a group of people in our church family who have found that they have cancer or a recurrence of cancer. These people have been so amazing. Time after time they have shared stories of God's faithfulness through this terribly difficult time. When I think of heroes, I think of these dear friends - Mary Lou, Judy, Scott, , Becky, Thelma, Sandie, Joan and Barbara. Jesus shines brightly through each of you! In facing physical, mental and emotional suffering, you have ministered to me in a powerful way.

These believers have taught me what it means to walk by faith. Christianity Today had a good article on "Cancer's Unexpected Blessings". Here is the link:

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Summer Reading and Dreaming

These warm Humboldt County days have been outstanding. Some of my most peaceful moments have been in our garden. The blueberries and raspberries were wonderful this year. Saturday evenings have been a great time to sit among the roses and read some good books. Typically at these times I read books by great Christian authors that help me understand people, for we all undergo difficulties, uncertainties and troubles. Then when I'm feeling the need for something "light" I pour through gardening or home decorating books. I envision the perfect English garden (it's not ever going to happen for me, but it's still o.k. to dream)...I think of repainting the house in creative and striking ways.

Have you read any good books this summer? What do you dream about?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pure Ministry

Some of the purest times of ministry to others is when we are broken. Here is a great article from Gifted for Leadership:

Small Town Big Church - Hydesville Community Church

Did you see the article by Heidi Walters for the North Coast Journal about Hydesville Community Church? The article has also been picked up by other blogs, like Monday Morning Insight. Here is the link if you would like to see it. Those of us who have ministered under Pastor Mike's (Pastor Michael Delamarian III) leadership for many years know what a blessing he is to the North Coast of California. He has taught our church the true Biblical meaning of grace by his words and by his life, and has been a great leader and shepherd of this church. Here is the article:

God is the Master Artist

Every time I paint my awareness of the Great Creator is heightened. Since realist painting is all about observation and learning from nature I am in awe when I study something I am seeking to represent in painting. The detail, the design, the amazing intricacy and orchestration and harmony in nature is beyond comprehension. I know from experience that there is no phenomenal design without a phenomenal designer. There truly are no "happy accidents." Yes, once in a while some colors can run together and they look pleasing, or we stumble across something by accident and it looks far better than we know our skill level to be...but there is no mastery in a subject without intense study. Everything in nature points to a marvelous creator. It's not hard to believe in God - just by observing nature. It shouts of His existence, and His order, design, care, character and beauty. And He didn't just make Himself a mystery to figure out. He revealed Himself clearly through the person of Christ. It is incredibly fulfilling to me to create paintings that prefect the character and personality of the One who reached down and saved my heart and my life. He is the Master Artist.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Wow, this car goes really fast, doesn't it Rover?

Funny picture. Makes me laugh - my dogs make me laugh. They say dogs resemble their owners. That is an uncomfortable thought. For years we have had this lovable, overstuffed loyal (except when he gets out of the gate) bassett hound, and he is just the best pet for us. He's kind of like a cartoon. Then we decided he needed a friend so he would run around and lose a little weight. So we picked up this great 8 year old rescue dog that loves to sit on your feet. They are a silly pair of animals, but they make me smile. Sometimes we just need to laugh. Laughter is a gift from God. Oh, the photo is by someone named FreeXone76.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Called Upon

As Christians, at some point, we are all called upon to give some wise Biblical counsel to others. Does that scare you? That's o.k. That means you take your spiritual responsibility seriously, as well we all should. Here at Hydesville Church we are offering an introduction to the area of counseling on November 4th & 11th at 8:30 AM in the Living Room of the Hut (the house next door to the church). This is a two-session seminar to train ministry workers as they help others in time of difficulty, uncertainty and trouble. Develop your gift to be "a blessing to others in a raw and hurting world."